Will I have to change service providers to reduce cost?
Not necessarily. No one wants to go through the hassle of changing phone companies unless there is a substantial advantage. We always work to improve the circumstances with your current carrier first.

Do you have exclusive relationships with specific service providers? No. Because BBK does not sell telecom services we're happy to work with every incumbent local phone company, CLEC, private fiber, long-distance, Internet, and DSL provider.

Do you accept commissions from service providers? No. Our credibility with you is always worth far more than a vendor's commission. We will always present you with proposals from vendors that deliver the best combination of service, reliability, and price.

How long have you been around? The BBK Group was founded in 2001. We have grown to serve customers in +40 states, Mexico and Canada. Banking, medical, and manufacturing are our strongest vertical markets.

"BBK was a big help in implementing the new private IP network, and we now use them to resolve our daily telecom issues"

Mitch McLaughlin,
Five Star Banks

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