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The BBK Group

3201 Stellhorn Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46815
Office: 260-422-0111
Toll free: 866-225-4625
Fax: 260-407-6448

Eric Buhr, Principal
Direct: 260-407-6464
Cell: 260-437-6186

Lee Kelso, Principal
Direct: 260-407-6457
Cell: 260-437-6197
Daniel Reese, Principal
Direct: 260-407-6483
Cell: 260-437-2132
Project Management:
Andrew McNair
Project Manager
Direct: 260-407-6470

Client Specialists:
Rhonda Bigelow
Direct: 260-407-6477

Kelly House
Direct: 260-407-6458


"BBK deploys a professional, proactive approach which has delivered significant cost reductions and operational improvements.

We look forward to continuing the relationship and improving telecom technology across the Nortek enterprise."

James Zingg,
Director of Strategic Systems
Nortek, Inc. 3201 Stellhorn Road    Fort Wayne, IN 46815 260-422-0111 866-225-4625