Few businesses can justify the cost of keeping a telecom professional on the payroll today. A partnership with The BBK Group gives you all the advantages of having a team of telecom professionals, but at a fraction of the cost.

BBK team members know how to slice through the confusing "techno-speak" and bureaucratic layers common in the telecommunication industry, delivering quicker resolution of service outages, billing errors, and other common telecom issues.

Telecom Experience + Personal Service

A call to your BBK Group Client Specialist puts you in touch with a familiar voice who understands your company's unique mix of telecom services. We're here to answer a wide variety of questions and solve telecom related problems.

Telecom Help Desk When problems with your telecom services arise give the problem to us. The BBK Group's experienced staff and industry knowledge allows us to resolve issues more quickly. Prevent an expensive run-around and hours of frustration for your staff with a single phone call to your BBK Group account team.

Moves, Adds, Changes, Deletes Whether your business is growing or contracting, your telecom needs change with time. BBK's experience is on your side to help you make smart, informed decisions about adding new services or changing your telecom profile.

Online Telecom Profile Careful tracking of all services in your telecom profile is important to keep costs in line. The BBK Group's online tools and training allow us to track and manage these and many other important factors that impact communication costs.

Proactive Invoice Monitoring Our system for monitoring your invoices catches and corrects errors before they become an expensive headache.

Technology and Market Advisories It is an exciting time of rapid change in the telecom industry. New technologies are emerging, accompanied by sweeping changes in telecom rules and regulations. The BBK Group monitors industry developments daily and alerts you when these changes will benefit you. We monitor the "leading edge" so you aren't caught on the "bleeding edge."

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