There is a great deal of preparation, coordination, and communication that must occur as new services are installed. We've been through it before and know what questions to ask, and how to anticipate and avoid potential problems.

Our goal is to make sure your service is installed or modificed quickly, efficiently, and with no interruptions.

BBK's project management may include many of these steps:

•Co-create a realistic flowchart of activities of your installation.
•Set up a structured communications schedule to collect and relay critical information.
•Centralize all pertinent service information and coordinate access to facilities as required.
•Coordinate all involved service providers on your behalf.
•Establish concise roles and responsibilities for all parties involved.
•Ensure that you are informed on progress, delays, etc. as your project moves toward completion.
•Direct "cut-over" activities
•Prepare post install assessment.
•Credit recovery for missed service provider commitments.
•Prepare standard and emergency support contact information and procedure.

Mistakes, delays, and interruptions are common during installation of new phone services.

The BBK Group's experience avoids the hassles you've come to expect and makes dealing with "the phone company" easier for your employees. 3201 Stellhorn Road    Fort Wayne, IN 46815 260-422-0111 866-225-4625