We Know - You Save

The telecom world is exploding with new technologies and new players that offer the ability to communicate more efficiently than ever before.

New competition has forced many telephone companies to offer more flexible pricing. However, they have little incentive to volunteer their best rates and salespeople typically recommend only what they have to sell - not necessarily what's best for your particular situation.

Cost Reduction Strategies

Our experience guides you through the confusing maze of Centrex, Channelized T1 service, XDSL, Frame Relay, ATM and other connection options. We explain the benefits and drawbacks of each service, and help you develop a flexible communications network that can grow as you do.

The BBK Group takes the time to understand your needs, and then we work as your advocate to locate the best service providers. We do the shopping for you and make sure you're presented with apples to apples comparisons from competing vendors.

And because value is often found in long-standing relationships, our report always includes detailed recommendations for cost savings utilizing your existing service providers.

You pay us with a percentage of the savings our experience, research, and strategies achieve for you.

"Thanks for all your help getting my phone bills under control. The money you helped me save now pays for the broadband Internet connection my business needed.

I'm glad you were persistent in urging me to let you analyze my phone bills. I had no idea I could save that much!"

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