Do you feel like this guy when dealing with "the phone company?"  We understand. You're faced with strange lingo and mountains of fine print.  

While most corporations negotiate with telecom carriers only once every few years, BBK deals with telecom contracts every day. Our experience protects you from shortfall penalties, unexpected renewals, abusive fees, and other "gotcha's" that lurk deep in the telecom jargon. 

Put BBK's Experience To Work For You

Price is important, but there is much more to a telecom contract than just the cost of services. The convoluted terms, conditions, and contract language are vital elements of every complex voice or data agreement.

BBK has negotiated contracts with all the major telecom providers for:

•Local and long distance voice services
•MPLS, Private IP, Point to Point Data Circuits
•Frame Relay
•Internet access
•Conference calling
•Calling cards
•Cellular phones

Put BBK Group to work for you and see the difference experience delivers.

"Working with you guys has been great.

You negotiated our contract as if you would be paying the bill with your own money."

Peter VanDyk,
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